03 Mac 2009


(7) Zamry vs Nizar @ Crisis : News update till 9.50am !!

The police have used their loud hailer to call the Speaker to enter the building - but only the Speaker alone. Water Canon dihala terus kepada oranr ramai bagi mengelakkan ada rusuhan dan provokasi, Alhamdulillah tiada yang berlaku setakat ini..tetap tenang beb!


9.45am: Ipoh OCPD Azisman Alias refuses to negotiate, says no one is allowed to enter. The police are pushing away the Pakatan state representatives away from the main entrance. The situation is very chaotic.

9.40am: Nizar's people are negotiating with the police now as the FRU are not allowing anyone inside the state secretariat. The crowd now stands at about 200, most of whom are Pakatan supporters. The water cannon in pointed towards the crowd.

9.35am: A group of people numbering about 30 are blocking Nizar and gang from heading towards the main entrance. No police interference. Nizar and group just walked past them to the main entrance.

9.30am: Ousted Menteri Besar Nizar and his state representatives arrive at the state secretariat.

9.25am: A slanging match ensues between BN and Pakatan supporters at the main entrance of the secretariat. The BN supporters showered profanities at the Pakatan lot who had been shouting ‘reformasi!'.

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